16 - 18 NOVEMBER



General Conditions

  1. The campaign takes place on November 16, 17 and 18, 2018, from 10 am to 11 pm.
  2. Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet will support up to 10% of the accumulated value of invoices - the minimum spent should be equal to or greater than €150 and within the maximum limit of €1,000, on each day of the campaign.
  3. Table of purchases and refunds (per day):

Purchases from €150 to €199 = refund 15€ | 200€ to €249 = €20 | €250 to €299 = €25|

€300 to €349 = €30 | €350 to €399 = €35 |€400 to €449 = €40 |€450 to €499 = €45 |

€500 and €549 = €50 | €550 and €599 = €55 |€600 to €649 = €60 |€650 to €699 = €65 |

€700 to €749 = €70 | €750 to €799 = €75 |€800 to €849 = €80 | €850 to €899 = €85 |

€900 to €949 = €90 | €950 to €1000 = €95 |

  1. The invoices must state the date on which the customer made the payment of his/her purchases. Only invoices for the same day will be accepted, with the limit of one invoice per store, per customer.
  2. Invoices pertaining to eyeglass frames and prescription lenses, as well as reserved items, shall not be accepted. In the event that the invoice(s) refer to an advanced payment, the amount taken into account for the purposes of reimbursement shall be only that of the advanced payment, paid on the day of the campaign.
  3. Only original and readable invoices shall be accepted. Duplicates, receipts, table notes, and purchase orders shall not be accepted.
  4. The refund will take the form of a Voucher that can be used between November 19 and December 19, 2018 in participating stores, with the list of stores available for consultation at viladocondefashionoutlet.pt. Upon the expiration date, the voucher loses its value, which shall not be refunded to the customer by Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet.
  5. The refund per customer shall take place in vouchers valued at €15, €20 and/or €25.
  6. The voucher is not redeemable in cash.
  7. In order to take advantage of this campaign, the customer must submit the invoices at the returns point in the corridor leading to the restaurant area - at the abovementioned hours. Once submitted, invoices will be photographed and stamped for refund purposes, thus ceasing to be valid for reimbursement.
  8. Invoices stamped during the campaign are valid for returns. If you wish to return the purchased items, you must inform the Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet’s Administration, who shall decide, on a case by case basis, if said invoice(s) remain(s) valid for participation in the campaign and consequent reimbursement of the previously charged amount.
  1. The invoices used in this campaign may not be cumulated with the advantage TAP Miles and vice versa.
  2. In order to enable reimbursment, the customer will have to register with the "CashBack" platform in the Returns Point.
  3. Refunds are not allowed for individuals under 18 years of age when not accompanied by an adult.
  4. Reimbursement shall only take place when all conditions mentioned above are strictly complied with.
  5. Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet’s employees, shopkeepers and subcontractors are not authorised to participate in this initiative.


Personal data processing

  1. The data are collected and processed by VIOUTLETS VILA DO CONDE, UNIPESSOAL, LDA. ("Vila do Conde") (Company No. 507 952 758), acting as the entity responsible for the processing, for the purposes of managing the affiliation with the campaign and its respective operation, and Vila do Conde is headquartered at Avenida Euro 2004, 2890-154 Alcochete.
  2. In order to join and benefit from the "CashBack" Campaign the Customer must provide personal data – identification data and data related to the purchases made at Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet.
  3. The personal data will be retained by Vila do Conde, due to purposes pertaining to the Campaign itself, for a period of three (3) months upon conclusion of the Campaign, and for a period of five (5) years for tax purposes.
  4. Within the scope of the Programme, Vila do Conde conveys the personal data to subcontractors (including the company that ensures the platform’s management) for the aforementioned purposes, in accordance with the agreements entered into with said entities, or to the competent authorities, in accordance with the law.
  5. Under applicable law, you are, at any time, entitled to request access to your personal data, as well as their modification, elimination or the limitation of their processing, the portability of your data, or cancel such processing, by contacting us at Privacy.Porto@viaoutlets.com.
  6. You may, via the abovementioned channels, withdraw your consent to the processing of your data, which does not, however, invalidate the processing carried out by Vila do Conde until that date, based on the previously granted consent.
  7. Without prejudice to any other administrative or legal remedy, you have the right to submit a complaint to the competent supervisory authority in accordance with the law, in case you consider that the processing of your data is not being carried out in a legitimate manner, under the abovementioned terms.
  8. For more information about Vila do Conde's data processing terms, please consult our Privacy Policy at https://viladocondefashionoutlet.pt/politica-de-privacidade/



Tratamento de Dados Pessoais