Ydentik Perfume Bar Concept is a new low-cost perfumery concept, created by the Nortempresa group.

In its attempt to distinguish itself from the traditional way of selling perfume, the idea emerged to sell quality perfume in a bar environment, providing a unique purchase experience, based on a concept and environment of a modern, attractive store. Customers choose the perfume they want and the size of the bottle, which ranges from 35ml, 55ml to 105ml, which is then filled with the chosen perfume. The bottles are reusable, so customers can use the same bottle over and over again, making each perfume purchase cheaper and environmentally-friendly.

In addition to a selection of perfumes for women, men and children, Ydentik also sells fragrances for the home, perfumed body milks, moisturisers, perfumed bath gel and car fragrances.

All the Ydentik products are designed and manufactured in its own laboratories, with highly experienced and specialized technicians, thus ensuring the quality and excellence of all its products.

Ydentik currently boasts approximately 43 stores, one in Mexico, another in Tunisia, one in Switzerland, three in France, one in Ireland and thirty five in Portugal. The concept has grown and gained recognition, and Ydentik promises to continue to surprise its customers.

In the Ydentik outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, you will find the perfume you want at a very reasonable price, and you will also enjoy a unique experience with a customized service.

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