Wok to walk

Wok to Walk is a chain of fast food restaurant with quick, fresh and delicious food. The concept emerged in Amsterdam, in 2004, after the founders had returned from their travels to Asia, from where they brought the influences of Asian cuisine.

The Multifood Group of entrepreneur Rui Sanches, decided to bring the concept to Portugal, and Wok to Walk has earned success throughout the country. The brand boasts over 100 restaurants across the globe, 33 of which are in Portugal.

Wok to Walk chooses the best Asian ingredients to offer a menu where customers can create their own wok, depending on their lifestyle and taste. Customers can choose their base, the ingredients they want, one or two sauces and one or two toppings. The bases are egg noodles, wholemeal noodles, rice noodles, udon noodles, Thai rice, wholegrain rice, sautéed vegetables and kinoa. The ingredients include chicken breast, beef, pork, bacon, shrimp, tofu, mushroom, pepper mix, broccoli, mango, cherry tomatoes, bamboo shoots, pineapple and salmon. The sauces range from Koh Tao to Tokyo and the toppings include fried onion, coriander, peanuts and cashew nuts.

In the Wok to Walk outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, you will find it easier to create delicious dishes, including vegan and vegetarian recipes, that result in healthy meals at a reasonable price. On the brand’s website, you can also access a nutritional calculator that gives you all the information you need about your meal.