Weeel Frozen Yogurt

Weeel Frozen Yogurt is born on the basis of the moment. The moment in which you have a Weeel translates into a positive feeling, resulting from the satisfaction of tasting a balanced frozen yogurt, made with natural yogurt and low-fat milk and with a huge variety of delicious toppings that will make you smile.

Weeel is not ice cream, but yogurt. As it is made right before being eaten, it retains the benefits of yogurt: it is probiotic, a source of calcium and protein. For this reason, Weeel’s establishments are yogurt shops and not ice cream shops. Yogurt is Weeel’s star product. Furthermore, it is healthier than traditional ice cream because it has less fat, sugar and calories, maintaining a delicious, creamy, fresh and natural taste. Weeel yogurt contains no gluten and can be consumed by people with coeliac disease. Weeel is best described as being delicious, with a creamy, fresh and natural flavour.