United Colors of Benetton

The launch of the Benetton brand dates back to 1963, in Italy, when Giuliana Benetton wove a bright coloured woollen cardigan that all her friends and neighbours adored. The young woman and her three brothers, Carlo, Gilberto and Luciano, began to sell the colourful items made by Giuliana, and were rather successful.

In 1965, they founded the company and three years later they launched the first Benetton store, which enjoyed immediate success owing to its appealing colourful characteristics, and the good atmosphere of the store. From then on, the brand expanded on both a domestic and international scale.

The name, United Colors Of Benetton, only emerged in the 1990s, after the brand’s advertising campaign, which became so popular that it was used for its commercial message.

Benetton is currently the most famous Italian clothing brand. It is present across the globe and is well-known for its revolutionary advertising campaigns that break down stereotypes and defend human rights.

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