Under Blue

The Under Blue concept was created in the early months of 2013, and claims that the secret to its success is its high quality, innovative design and competitive prices. This brand is dedicated to the contemporary, dynamic man with a taste for the classic.

Under Blue understands fashion like no other and is capable of making a difference when it comes to creating clothing that brings together a classic and cool style. The aim of the brand is to offer its customers collections that are full of intricate details , thus marking a difference.

The brand has recently launched the Under Blue Kids lines, designed for the younger public, and Under Blue Gold Line, offering suits made of new materials, where finesse is the secret of the business.

In the Under Blue outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, you will find a broad range of items such as suits, trousers, shirts, ties and belts that cannot be left out of your wardrobe. 

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