The history of TRIUMPH extends back to over 125 years ago. In 1986, Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer and Michael Braun began to produce and market corsets in the south of Germany. Later on, in 1902, Triumph was launched, taking its inspiration from the Arc de Triomphe, in Paris.

From corsets to bras, the brand rapidly became leader of the lingerie market in Europe. It is currently present in over 100 countries across the world, such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, China, UK, United Sates of America and Mexico.

The brand inspires women to fulfil their dreams and to love their bodies, bringing out the best of their personality. This is only possible because Triumph displays a keen sense of fashion and real knowledge in terms of what women desire. The quality and professionalism of all the company’s workers have contributed to the high quality design and production of these items, and, consequently, the constant satisfaction of every woman’s desires.  

The Sloggi brand belongs to Triumph, and works with cotton like no other company. With its materials and Zero Feel technology, its underwear can adapt to any every day situation.

In this Triumph outlet store, you will find the sensual and versatile collections of Triumph and Sloggi, consisting of bras, nightdresses, bodies and much more at considerably low prices.

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