It all began with a small watch repair workshop in Manresa, Barcelona, which progressively ventured into the world of jewellery. In 1920, under the leadership of Rosa Oriol and Salvador Tous, the company launched itself by focusing on innovative jewellery which stood out from the traditional high jewellery.

In 1985 the famous Tous teddy bear emerged, which went on to become the symbol of the brand. This same year, Tous opened its first store in Spain and launched its domestic expansion. Eleven years later, it began to expand at an international level, opening its first store in Japan. It has not stopped growing since then and is currently present in over 45 countries of the 5 continents, boasting over 500 TOUS stores in cities such as New York, Mexico, Moscow and Tokyo. Despite its huge expansion, the headquarters of the brand have remained in Manresa, Barcelona.

TOUS is a family-run business that has consistently surprised its customers with original gemstones and use of premium materials. In recent years, TOUS has turned itself into a lifestyle brand, through its lines of jewellery, wallets, fragrances, watches, glasses and accessories. All the brand’s products convey the responsibility, resourcefulness, passion and precision that are the guiding principles behind the success of Tous.

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