The Textura brand was launched in Spain in 1979, and has since offered its customers a vast selection of home and beach textiles. It currently boasts approximately 100 stores, most of which are in Spain, where it has achieved a competitive edge, but also in Portugal, Bulgaria, Russia and Guatemala.  

Textura boasts a selection of high quality and uniquely designed items to clothe or decorate every corner of your home: bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms, tables, balconies and terraces. For the little ones at home, Textura takes pride in its baby&kids line.

The Textura products can be divided into three broad categories: Essentials, available all year round, for the plain and basic items, Collection, for fashion collections, available twice a year, and Haute Couture, more exclusive lines with high quality finishes and details.

Come and discover our Home wear and Beachwear collections too, the ultimate craze, so you are always at the forefront. Setting the trend in the fashion world with its hues and fabrics, TEXTURA offers a broad range of items and accessories, in addition to an excellent quality-price ratio, all created by its very own designers.

In the Textura outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, you will find the brand’s most diverse products, such as bedspreads, towels and bath robes, blankets and throws, pillows, pillow cases, essentials, curtains and blinds, valances, rugs, tablecloths, aprons, kitchen utensils, hats, tunics, and air fresheners.  

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