SMK, the well-known Portuguese brand of men’s denim wear, was created in 1991 by two friends who produced two highly specific prototypes of jeans, the 201 and 018 models. These prototypes took their inspiration from that very period and were washed with a stone, giving them an aged look in different shades of blue. The demand for the models was so great that they were marketed consistently over a five year period.

It was only in 1998 that the brand launched its first shirts and sweatshirts. Over time, new prototypes of jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and other items emerged, injecting new life into SMK. The brand gradually expanded and gained recognition at both domestic and international levels. It currently boasts six of its own stores in Portugal, and is present in various multi-brand stores across the country. It can also be found in Spain, where it has its own store, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Angola.  

You will find an irreverent, urban and free-spirited collection at SMK, and these emotions are mirrored in its jeans, t-shirts, jackets, shoes, blazers, trousers, shorts, knitwear, polo shirts, coats, shirts, waistcoats, underwear, sportswear, belts and many more items.

The SMK outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet was launched in December 2009, the 3rd brand shop and 1st outlet to be opened. In this store, you will find the brand’s products at considerably low prices.

Come and visit us! Let your style out in the open with the brand that is at the forefront of Portuguese fashion.