Sacoor One

Sacoor Brothers, founded in Lisbon, in 1989, initially sold its products in an exclusive location. Nowadays, the brand is present in many countries across the world and offers a young, contemporary style for all age groups. 

Sacoor Brothers emerged as the result of a dream, shared by four brothers, to create a brand that would be guided by quality, design, values, customer service and, above all, elegance. They went on to establish Sacoor Brothers, which produced high quality designer clothing, coupled with an outstanding service.

Renowned for its prestigious clothing for men, women, children and accessories, nowadays Sacoor Brothers plays a fundamental role in the fashion world, by defining new trends and bringing innovation and worldwide recognition. 

As an alternative to its more classic and traditional items, the brand launched Sacoor One, offering more contemporary, classic collections and timeless suggestions for the man of today who prefers elegant and sophisticated items. Open to innovation, this loft store, with a heritage of 25 years of expertise behind it, offers more casual items, conveying a casual everyday look, in addition to more formal items.  

In the Sacoor One outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, you will find items for a more relaxed, younger public at considerably low prices, with the same quality and outstanding service that have come to be recognised as the trademark of the group.

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