Mike Davis

Mike Davis associates a number of values to quality and elegance It has been a presence in Portugal since February 1976 when three friends, Henrique Schreck, Paulo Schreck and Raul Leitão, all of them great fans of tennis, windsurfing and sailing, launched a 100% Portuguese sportswear brand in the Clube de Ténis da Foz, a tennis club in Porto. The brand was named after the legendary Welsh tennis player Mike Davis.

The brand started out as a reference to menswear associated with sports like tennis, windsurfing, surfing, golf, sailing and horse-ball, the brand’s DNA even today associated with the brand serving to reposition the brand in the casual sportswear world.

In the 1970s, the brand pioneered a technical design in clothing which brought it fame and acceptance that still linger today. The brand is currently investing strongly in the casual wear line although its main features are not those of fast fashion lines. Mike Davis products are 100% made in Portugal, its clothing products are everlasting and timeless in their top quality and comfort.

Mike Davis boasts quality and innovative products firmly grounded on personalized customer service. The Mike Davis outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet was launched on 9 October 2015 and has ever since provided a powerfully pleasurable shopping activity to its customers. In the Mike Davis outlet store, you will find the brand’s many clothing items at reduced price.

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