The beginning of McDonald’s® dates back to 1854 when Ray Kroc went to a small but highly successful restaurant in San Bernardino, California, run by two brothers, Dick and Mc McDonald, who focused on offering a small range of products with unusual quality efficiency. Their concept was a to have simple menu with just a few items which made it possible to have a much faster production line. Ray very quickly a became a licensee and some years later acquired exclusive rights to the brand. The seller of milkshake machines branched out into countries all over the world and turned McDonald’s® into the no.1 fast food best seller. In 1991, the first McDonald’s® restaurant was launched in Portugal and it completely changed the Portuguese food scene at the time. The first McDonald’s® was an instant hit and the brand now has 150 restaurants across the country, one of them in Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet.

At McDonald’s®, you will find a varied delicious menu and tasty affordable combinations. McDonald’s® restaurant is a modern space that offers its patrons and all customers in general the best fast food experience with a diversified menu and efficient service