Lib Baby & Kids

LIB BABY & KIDS was founded in 1985 in Portugal. It is a brand specialized in two distinct market segments - Baby and Kids

Featuring a vast array of products for the 0-16 age gap, the brand invests in its own innovative quality and design, two features that make the clothing items unique and special pieces. The brand relies on a multi-brand national store chain. In the 10 stores opened to the public, you will find the Lib Baby & Kids brand together with other brands like iDo, Levi’s, Boboli, Esprit, Foque, Wedoble, 3 pommes, Carmen Vázquez, among others.

In the Lib Baby & Kids outlet store in Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, you will find all of the following brands' clothing products at truly affordable prices: trousers, shorts, jumpers, t-shirts, coats, trench coats, skirts, dresses, shirts, footwear, underwear, diaper-covers, baby caps, jumpsuits, bodysuits, blouses, among many others.

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