Lacoste and its crocodile logo date back to 1923 when René Lacoste, a young French tennis player, on a trip to Boston with the Davis Cup team, happens to see a crocodile suitcase on a shop window before a match. His coach Alan Muhr joked that he would buy it for René if he won. René did not win the match but the anecdote was captured by a nearby journalist and is behind René's nickname "Le Crocodile" or "The Alligator" not only because of the suitcase anecdote but also due to his tenacity on the tennis court.

When he left the tennis courts, René launched Lacoste clothing brand. He started with the now iconic polo shirts with a crocodile logo on the chest, first the white one, usually worn by tennis players and later the logos in many different colours. Success was huge and by 1097' the brand was already offering other clothing products for men and women.

Today the brand is present worldwide always in the constant pursuit of excellence of the founder of the art of creating, producing and marketing modern, quality collections. Optimism and elegance, two things Lacoste offers the world with enthusiasm and passion. In the Lacoste outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet customers access a vast range of the brand's products at outlet price and attest to the natural elegance and unique style of pieces that encourage a laid-back atmosphere and beauty of movement in men and women customers who enter the Lacoste world.

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