La Perla

In 1954 Bologna, LA PERLA was launched by Alda Masotti, a talented master corset-maker. In the 1960s, under the guidance of Albert Masotti, the founder's son, the company started its international expansion.

At the time La Perla was renowned for its daring lingerie collections based on colourful floral patterns alongside the more traditional beige in different colours. A few years later. La Perla started to sell beachwear, swimsuits and bikinis. In the 1980s, fragrances and sunglasses appeared in some of the brand's collections.

In 1991, La Perla launched its first own brand stores in the world's main fashion centres, Milan and Paris. Today the brand has become a lingerie and beachwear brand synonymous with Italian luxury. It is present in more than 80 countries and it has more than 100 stores open to the public in France, Italy, Spain, Japan, England, China, Portugal, Lebanon, and the United States of America, among many others.

The brand offers diversity in its collections ranging from lingerie to nightwear, beachwear, casual outfits, accessories and sophisticated collections designed for an exquisitely refined audience. La Perla collections are accessorized by exclusive pieces that may be worn not only in private occasions but also as key points of an everyday look. And in the La Perla outlet store of the Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet you will find them at outlet price.

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