KIKO was founded in 1997 by Italian entrepreneur Antonio Percassi. It offers an innovative make-up and skincare, and body care line. The brand is part of the Percassi Group and was founded in Milan, Italy, to give women access to more innovative make-up products without budget constraints.

Through its wide and diversified range, the brand lets its customers voice their personality with made-to-measure products. Kiko's customers are welcome to try all top quality make-up, skincare and bodycare lines as well as its stylish products, packaging and chemical formulas.  

KIKO has over 500 points of sale across Europe attesting to the brand's product quality and success that paved the way for such growth in little more than 20 years. Portugal has 35 KIKO stores, and the KIKO outlet story in Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet is one of them. In this store, you will find over 1000 products ranging from endless top quality eyeshades to skincare and bodycare lines suitable to every woman. You will find all this at truly affordable prices and at incredible discount prices.

When you enter a KIKO store you will not only feel spoiled when you purchase beauty products but you will also experience a unique feeling of well-being, relaxation and fun.

Come and delight on the products we have on offer!