Kebab & Co

Imagine a healthy cooking style, based on the Turkish Mediterranean food adapted to please a more traditional Portuguese flavour. Now open your eyes and come visit KEBAB & Co, a new culinary concept with quick simple delicious meals made with the freshest, top quality ingredients. The highlight dish in this restaurant is the traditional kebab but there are other mouth-watering suggestions available.

Kebab & Co, is a Portuguese company founded in 2008. Two years after its inception, it began expanding and how it boasts more than 30 points of sale all over the country. Novelty, originality and quality of the Turkish kebab have been growing everywhere and Portugal is no exception to this international trend.

Kebab & Co. offers a quick service where the meal is prepared before the customer with first rate ingredients to eat in or take away. Ingredients are supplied by certified suppliers, which means that the meat dishes are 100% beef, turkey or chicken, which distinguishes Kebab & Co. from competitors.

In the Kebab & Co., you will find several menus or individual items, the kebab salad, pitta bread kebab, kebab durum, kebab on bolo de caco, the traditional sweet potato bread from the island of Madeira, the chicken durum, the special francesinha kebab - the traditional typical sandwich from the Porto region - and pitta bread, among many other suggestions. The brand has recently launched the Chocokebab, a crepe with first rate chocolate and a wide choice of toppings at each consumer's choice.

Visit us and embark on a journey to delight your senses with Turkish flavours