H3 + Slow

H3 was launched in Portugal in June 2007 by three friends, Albano Homem de Melo, António Araújo and Miguel Van Uden. The three friends initially owned Café 3 where the best-selling product was definitely the burguer. They decided to take a risk and launch a fast food chain where burgers would be made to perfection with top quality products and extra care.

H3 defines its food as one-of-a-kind, fast food concept. H3 hamburgers are 100% beef-burgers, grilled rare, medium or well-done as required, seasoned with sea salt, and served on warmed plates with a genuine friendly service.

H3 was so successful that it now boasts more than 49 restaurants in Mainland Portugal and Islands and the group has now branched out into Brazil and Angola.

In Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, you will find SLOW next to H3. SLOW is another concept of the same brand. A quick meal made up of juicy meat, slowly cooked at very low temperature, distinguishes SLOW from any other fast food chain. The brand's new concept was launched in 2013, its highlight being the wide choice of different dishes on offer. Seven different sauces are offered to go with different types of chicken, pork or beef dishes served with unusual accompaniments like for example couscous salad or slow salad.

In the H3 outlet restaurant, you can enjoy delicious meals and have a taste of both concepts.

Discover the new slow movement of Portuguese gastronomy.