FURLA history started in 1927 in Bologna, Italy, when Aldo Furlanetto decided to establish a company for the distribution of fashion products and accessories for women. Ever since that year, Furla has been finding its place in the hearts of devoted followers of fashion offering a classic look softened up by a joyful touch.

The first Furla store opened in Bologna in 1955 where it still operates today. Some years later, in the early 1970s, Aldo's children, Paolo and Giovanna, joined their father in the company and that is how the first Furla-brand bag and accessory collection was born. The brand’s expansion policy began with the opening of a sales network in Italy, France and in the United States of America.

Today Furla is widely renowned internationally for its top quality leather and for its wide range of accessories. It is present virtually all over the world.

In the Furla outlet store, you will find time-honoured craftsmanship, artisanal expertise and unique pieces at outlet price. For women, the store offers bags, mini bags, wallets, accessories, jewellery, watches, footwear, sunglasses and many other items. For men the store offers backpacks, coin purses, tote bags, bags, belts, wallets, among many other items.

An interesting thing to know about Furla is that it numbers more than 1600 employees, 90% of which are women coming from 100 different nationalities.

Come and visit us and embrace the brand's imagination and innovative designs.