Forecast was founded in 1991 near Badajoz, Spain. It is a brand for men's clothes that started out as a family-run business and soon branched out into other countries where it has stores such as Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Poland, Egypt, Peru and Colombia.

FORECAST is so much more than simply a clothing brand, it is a way of understanding what men's fashion is about. FORECAST collections are designed in a natural way to feature pieces that define the brand's zest for life, fashion and design. The brand believes that the fashion style of each man reflects the way he sees the world, that the modern man wakes up every day to live life to the fullest and to write his own story and FORECAST is there willing to lend a hand.

In the FORECAST outlet store, you will find items with the same flair and authenticity that have been a constant in the brand from its inception. For every day comfort, you have jeanswear, polo shirts and casual shirts, For more formal occasions, you will find the brand's suits in neutral colours and top quality materials and fabric. You will also find a wide selection of footwear, fragrances and accessories (sunglasses, belts, wallets, men's suspenders, scarves, ties and bow ties, among many other items).

In the FORECAST outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, you will find the brand's best products at truly incredible prices all year round.


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