Decenio was founded in 1994 in Portugal, more specifically in Famalicão. It is a brand with a long history defined by a Mediterranean name by heritage, with the flair, relaxation and lightness that are a feature of this region.

Since 2015, Decenio has been undergoing a restructuring of its image and it now offers a balance between modernity and tradition. All of its collections and stores have a Mediterranean inspiration from southern European countries such as Portugal and Spain, France, Greece, Italy and northern Africa. The brand's designers get their inspiration from the trends of these countries when they are creating their work.

In the Decenio outlet store, you will find the brand's many products, at the best price, such as jackets, knitwear, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, beachwear, footwear, suits, bags, wallets and many accessories.

When you enter this store, you embark on a journey through the exclusive universe of DECENIO where you experience comfort and sophistication. The items you will find in the shop are multifaceted and urban offering a wide variety of clothing items and accessories for men and women.

Decenio boasts over 20 stores across the country in around 80 multi-brand sales points. It is a brand branching out with new values, new collections, new colours, more modern stores, new ways to communicate and a new concept that distinguishes itself for being complete and innovative always in the customer's best interests.

Let the Mediterranean style invade your wardrobe and live each moment of your day with style.