DecenioMediterrano presents itself as a brand that proposes a balance between the modern and the traditional.
It is based on elegance and sophistication that is adaptable to everyday life, aimed at all those who cannot do without comfort.
This mission is made possible by inspiration of the Mediterranean coast, absorbing trends from the northwest coast to the idyllic summer destinations in Italy and France.
The relaxed, versatile and preppy style, the color palette, the casual chic attitude is a reflection of a whole experience that fits men and women in any situation.
Decenio is translated in X (Ten in Roman numerals) Equities in Lifestyle: Conviviality; Contact with nature; Healthy living; Serenity and a temperate climate; Natural diversity, cultural and geographical diversity; Earth, sea and snow; Antiquity and historical heritage; Sophistication and glamour; Latin Exoticism and Seduction; Aspirational Scenery. The lifestyle of Decenio customers can be reflected in these 10 Equities.
The concept of the new DecenioMediterrano stores mirrors this culture - a combination of colors, textures, style and details that send us to a renovated lifestlyle.
Decenio is to feel the Mediterranean and live inspired by this ideal and one of a kind place in the world.
We are waiting for you!
"You are our today and all of our tomorrows"
Live, feel and share Decenio: #MEDITERRANO