Crocs was founded in 2002 in Colorado, Canada, when three young Americans, Lyndon Hanson, Scott Seamans and George Boedecker, decided to design perfect, comfortable, non-slip, water-proof boating shoes.

The name Crocs comes for the English abbreviation for crocodile, a strong, tough animal that adapts well to fresh and salt water and land. These are the underlying features that the creators of Crocs wished to have in their shoes.

The first Crocs model was initially sold to sailing enthusiasts but soon gained a word-of-mouth following among many people who would have to stand all day. Success was astonishingly immediate and in three days the brand sold 1000 pairs of Crocs. Today it is present in over 90 countries in the world.

Worn and adored all over the world, the famous footwear brand Crocs™ produces shoes that are extremely comfortable, fun, playful, colourful and innovative. It suits all styles and features dozens of footwear models for men, women and kids and also accessories. All footwear produced by Crocs™ is made of Croslite™, the closed-cell resin that makes soft, cushy, light, odor- and bacteria-free shoes.

The Crocs Outlet Store opened on 14 October 2012 and offers a wide range of diverse Crocs models perfect for all seasons, from classic comfortable clogs, to shoes, casual slippers, or even boots at the best market price.

Come and discover a wide variety of CROCS in all colours and styles.