Colchões & Companhia

The brand COLCHÕES & COMPANHIA was founded in the 1980s in the Porto district with the name Deconatura. Years later, in 2002, it changed its name to Colchões & Companhia its current designation.

The brand offers its customers a sophisticated line featuring upholstered bed bases, headboards, electric beds, latex mattresses while at the same time also offering a textile line featuring pillows, duvets and duvet covers, and bedding sets. The brand offers its customers a wide range of comfort and quality rest solutions that will suit your every need and preference.

The brand's main aim is to improve on traditional comfort and rest products to keep up with the market's latest trends and go beyond customer expectations. The brand's high quality products are both unique and comfortable and suit customer needs in the area of comfort and quality rest. Most items can be customized with a wide selection of over 100 different fabrics and colours that will match your home decor.

In the COLCHÕES & COMPANHIA outlet store, you will discover prestige and quality and you will be provided with all information you need on latest innovations and trends. This may be the reason why the brand has been enjoying a steady growth in recent years, and is present with 16 stores across the country.


In the COLCHÕES & COMPANHIA store, you will find all products from the brand's various collections, at the best market price, and at outlet price while offering several all-year-round sales promotions that further reduce the price of all available items.


Discover how to further improve your quality rest time and the comfort of your home.