Casa das Peles

CASA DAS PELES is the store to visit if you are looking for leather products. Since 1960, the brand has been working on leather as no other company in Portugal. The company started off its business under the owner's name, Miguel Martins da Silva, and later in 1988 it changed its name to Casa das Peles, a family-run business numbering 6 employees.

Casa das Peles nowadays employs over one hundred employees in various sections from manufacture, storing and marketing; it boasts its own factory, warehouse and store open to the public in Cartaxo.

In addition to various shops across the country, the brand is also present in other showrooms across Portugal. The Casa das Peles outlet store of Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet was launched in late 2009 and there you will find a wide choice of the brand's products at a best price.

Products designed and marketed by Casa das Peles follow the trends launched by leading fashion events but with the personal, timeless touch of the brand's designers. In the Casa das Peles outlet store, you will find leather jackets, handbags, wallets, belts, gloves, skirts, vests, key-rings, boots among many other accessories and other items of clothing for men and women. It also features an exclusive leather line for motorcycle drivers.

The brand's values combine quality, price and service and the brand always uses the best raw materials and design with customer needs in mind.

Come and visit us and find the items designed to fit you like a glove and protect you like a second skin.