BOTTON was the first made-in-Portugal fitness clothing company in the country. It was launched in August 1992 and ever since that year it has set the trend for sportsmen and sportswomen.

The Botton outlet store of Vila do Conde Fashion Outlet opened in March 2013. You will find in this store a wide choice of sportswear such as coats and jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts, tunics, tops, dungarees, shorts, bermuda shorts, leggings, trousers and accessories.

BOTTON has always remained true to a rigorous quality/price ratio-oriented line and the Botton outlet store features unique models that blend a variety of crazy-cool sportswear designs. These crazy-cool designs are combined in unique sportswear items such as the ever so practical dungarees that bring out the best of the feminine figure.

The mark offers its customers all of its collections: Blue Wod, Essentials, Gray Mix, Summer Fabrics, Gym Pro . Black Edition, Gym Pro, Blue Edition, Summer Fever, Black Fiber, Glow, Unleash Your Nature, Summer Fever, Calumma - Summer Fever -, Hura and Reverse. All of these collections are made in the Vila-do-Conde-based factory and all items are made in Portugal

Botton keeps up with latest trends in women's fashion. If you are into fitness and exercise, but wish to exercise in style, innovation, quality and trust, this is your dream store. Here you can find the widest selection of the brand's products at a more affordable price.

Come and visit us and discover the place where fashion and sports go hand in hand.