Bébé Confort Outlet

Bébé Confort has the little ones and their lives at heart. It's a brand conceived with wellbeing of babies in mind.

The main aim of Bebé Confort is to ensure that babies are safe and to give parents time to enjoy special moments with their children. Our mission is to understand what it means to be a mother and a father nowadays, by understanding the challenges, difficulties and even the uncertainties of parenthood.

Bébé Confort is a brand that was founded over eighty years ago and it has become a market leader operating worldwide in more than 100 different countries. Bébé Confort is owned by Dorel, a company that has its brands divided into Dorel Juvenile, Dorel Sports, and Dorel Home, and a brand that has been growing and expanding since 1988 when Dorel Co. Ltd, a juvenile products company merged with Ridgewood Industries, a ready-to-assemble furniture company.

Initially selling to customers in Canada, it later expanded to enter the U.S. market maintaining a steady growth internally and acquiring other brands.

Understanding what it takes to be a mother and a father has led to solutions that multiply, maximise and prolong each moment of parental bliss. That is why Bébé Confort offers its customers diverse products in the childcare area: car-seats, strollers, food, and health and wellness.

The Bébé Confort Outlet Store offers clever solutions that anticipate both your needs and your baby's needs because we constantly interact with you and listen to what you have to tell us.

Come and visit us and find the products we have designed for you and for your baby.