A Cascata

A Cascata is a traditional food and fast food restaurant that was launched in 1992 by Joaquim Santos and his brother when they opened their first restaurant with the then innovative concept in Portugal of a combination of traditional Portuguese food and fast food.

This highly successful concept led to the opening of other restaurants in the north of Portugal where the brand now boasts seven restaurants. The brand does not however wish to stop at 7: it aims to become the top one restaurant chain selling Francesinhas, or Frenchies, the typical sandwich from the Porto region, and fast food in the next coming years to increase customer loyalty seduced by the brand's constant search for perfection with attention to small details.

A CASCATA, with its over twenty-five-year-old experience, offers a wide variety of products of which the Francesinha, in all its diverse and optional ingredients, is the speciality of the restaurant. But you can also decide to have burgers, steaks, steak sandwiches and hot dogs, or else choose from the wide selection of wraps and salad. You will also find in A Cascata an exclusive concept of grilled dishes with traditional Brazilian beef cuts such as picanha , or top sirloin cap, maminha, or bottom round, and chicken drumsticks, grilled Tuscan sausage and pineapple, accompanied by delicious black beans in a broth, with braised cabbage and fried banana. And as no meal is ever complete without dessert, you can also feast on our exclusive ice cream and waffles. A Cascata tops this wide selection of food with a kids' menu and several vegetarian options to cater for all tastes.

Enjoy a place where you will find tasty meals and quick service.